thank you3to the many companies and organizations who believe in Nova’s Ark and have found a way to share their services with us. Their understanding of the impact that we have on the community is greatly appreciated.

♥ Click on the logos below to find out more about our wonderful and supportive partners ♥
 Alpaca Gardens Ranch Alpaca Gardens Ranch is a new partner who is sharing their animal husbandry expertise with Nova’s Ark.  Their time and patience is greatly appreciated as they work with our livestock and provide instruction to our volunteers.

Autism Ontario:  Durham Region is an amazing partner.  Together, we have created and shared  unique programs that have been enjoyed by many enthusiastic families.  For further information, please contact the Community Event Coordinator Central East Region.

Hard-Co is a strong partner who provides us with materials to help beautify and maintain our facility.  We are very appreciative of this new partnership.
Hunters Sports Photography continually supports Nova’s Ark by providing our volunteers with their distinctive leadership shirts, event photography and plaques.  Those special touches make everyone feel valued.
 Johnny on the Spot
Johnny on the Spot continues to provide for our sanitation needs.  The donation of a handwashing station at our facility is greatly appreciated and the donation of the port-a-potty at the Friendship Walk is a much welcome item by all the participants.
Kenaidan Contracting Ltd. has made so many contributions to Nova’s Ark in the past year. We have seen great improvements to our facility and to our programming.  The Kenaidan Family truly lives their Care Enough to Act community support philosophy.
nofrills-logo La Rosa No Frills is making a huge impact for us at Nova’s Ark by their daily donations of fruit, vegetables and bread.  This bulk donation provides our special guests with a valuable learning opportunity while sorting and distributing healthy food to our very grateful therapy animals.
  Shedman Inc has been involved for many years Nova’s Ark helping us to overcome unique challenges and making a huge difference to our facility. Their flexibility, passion and belief in Nova’s Ark has been invaluable.  
Sobeys Distribution Centre – Whitby has supported Nova’s Ark with donations of meat and vegetables to support our many hungry furry, feathered and scaly friends.  Their donation is a huge support to our facility.
  Starr Burger has been a valued supporter of Nova’s Ark for many years. The owners and their amazing staff who volunteer at our events have provided great food and friendly service which is enjoyed by many at our yearly Open House and Friendship Walk.
  The Town of Whitby has been a strong supporter of Nova’s Ark over the years.  They have invited us yearly to a number of local events where all are welcome to experience first-hand the unique Circle of Friends of Nova’s Ark.