Education Placement Programs: Post-Secondary and Secondary


A post-secondary Internship Placement provides many benefits for all who participate. This program provides an opportunity for college/university students to experience a broad range of skills, attitudes, interpersonal relations for work and other life roles in their chosen field of study.
pizap.com14460505935281Nova’s Ark is very excited about our newly developed partnerships and the opportunity to work with so many passionate and enthusiastic students wishing to enter the fields related to our individuals with various abilities. Recent placements have included:

  • Humber College: Child and Youth Care Worker.
  • Durham College:  Child & Youth Program; Early Childhood Education, Social Service Worker, Personal Support Worker, Development Service Worker and Practical Nursing.
  • UOIT: Concurrent Education Students.

We look forward to sharing new skills and unique strategies with our post-secondary students as they work with our special guests in their individual programs.

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Cooperative Education provides many benefits for all who participate. This program allows a partnership to be formed between students, teacher, and employers. It offers an opportunity for students to investigate specific careers and the routes they must follow for entrance, while at the same time increasing self-confidence and self-awareness. Co-op presents an amazing opportunity for students to experience a broad range of skills, attitudes, and interpersonal relations for work and other life roles. Students have the option of morning, afternoon or all day placements depending on their credit needs and scheduling of timetables.

Secondary School Cooperative Education allows students to:

  • participate in a planned learning experience that takes place in the student’s community,
  • have a chance  to earn 2 or 4 credits in one semester towards their diploma, and
  • have an opportunity to gain valuable workplace experience which may assist in future education and employment pathways. This experience includes: Health and Safety, Resumes, Cover Letters, Interview Skills, Employer Expectations, etc.

Nova’s Ark is both excited and honoured to be a part of the Cooperative Education Program offered through the Secondary Schools.  Our facility is in a rural setting where students gain experience with facility and animal maintenance.  Students who are interested in this opportunity must have previous volunteer experience with Nova’s Ark, before approaching their high school teacher.

Interviews for entry to this program usually occur during late May/early June.


For more information, please contact Mary-Ann Nova at:

T.  905.706.1009                   E.