School/Class Programs

Nova’s Ark is proud to share unique, hands on, interactive programs that now focus on whole school, classroom groups and staff workshops. Our thinking outside the box philosophy has provided many groups of all ages and abilities with a strong learning experience that builds connections on many levels. The incorporation of a wide variety of animals provides the springboard that opens the door for an exciting and passionate day.  To fully experience our customized programs, please plan on a full day visit. At this time, we have 4 distinct programs for you to explore, all of which can be adjusted depending on the specific needs of the group.


Our youth are our greatest asset.  They have the potential of making a strong, positive  impact on our world. Participation in our leadership program is focused on developing students as effective members of our community.  They eagerly become engaged in learning conversations that elicit action oriented goals.   

LEADERSHIP                                    TEAMWORK                                  ADVOCACY

♦ respect                                            ♦ student voice                               ♦ social justice 
♦ positive values                                ♦ goal setting                                  ♦ global learning

Nova’s Ark provides a relaxed environment for those groups who require an individualized, tactile program. There are many shaded seating areas, wheel chair accessible bathroom and changing facilities.  The students and their support staff will be able to explore the ten acre property with our team of facilitators.  There are many opportunities to interact closely with a selection of over 200 theraputic exotic and farm animals. 


Interpersonal relationships are key to a strong community. The genuine modelling of respect, empathy, patience, understanding are just a few of the traits exemplified by those who truly understand and believe in acceptance of all, no matter what the challenge.    Many of our youth know no boundaries.  They live what is shared in the Ministry of Education resources:  Caring and Safe Schools in Ontario, Learning for All, Ontario’s Equity and Inclusivity Strategy.  Nova’s Ark facilitates the group to come together to both celebrate the bonds of friendship and to their skill set.


What better way to gain an understanding of the science curriculum than by experiencing the expectations first hand. The big ideas of environmental education and specific science expectations from K to Grade 12 are incorporated in the day program. The focus and content are established through advanced planning between staff and Nova’s Ark. 


    Please contact Mary-Ann to discuss specific details, accommodations or modifications regarding any of the programs.

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