What is Nova’s Ark?

Mary-Ann Nova, President of Nova's ArkNova’s Ark began as a dream by former special education facilitator and retired elementary school Principal, Mary-Ann Nova. Nova’s Ark is a CRA Registered Charity (85916 1176 RR0001) providing social and communication opportunities for people of all ages and abilities involving a wide range of gentle, therapy animals.

The volunteer peer mentors are a key factor in the successful integration of our visitors with the animals, allowing for unique, positive and memorable experiences. The animals bring people together, but it is our amazing youth volunteers who keep people coming. Our unique and individualized programs involving a strong Circle of Friends concept provide the friendships and bonds that know no boundaries. Genuine connections are made that have a huge impact on all involved.
pizap.com14460515866701Supported by private, corporate and service donations, Nova’s Ark provides programs and activities that benefit the community in various ways. Nova’s Ark has created many customized day visits, spring and summer camp opportunities and presentations for service organizations, group home facilities, education centers and special event functions. The development of the youth leadership program has created an impact felt throughout the Durham community and various social service agencies.

Nova’s Ark continues to grow and modify as requests and suggestions are brought forward.  We are very proud of the warm, welcoming atmosphere of our facility.  Now that Nova’s Ark is available year round, we wish to ensure that each and every one of our guests continue to feel special and welcome.  We ask that you please contact us in advance to book an appointment. The telephone and email numbers are listed below.

Thank you for your patience and respect.  We look forward to connecting with you in the near future.

T: 905.706.1009                                    E: novasark@sympatico.ca