Mission Statement

Nova’s Ark is committed to building acceptance of people of all ages and abilities by providing opportunities for understanding. The wide range of activities and programs involving unique, therapy animals will:

  • create individualized experiences to stimulate communication and social interactions to meet the specific requirements of individuals with special needs;
  • build character through respect for all life;
  • teach character values and life lessons with examples from animals;
  • develop youth leadership experiences that promote awareness, acceptance and friendship.


Thank you to our amazing youth leaders who came together as a team to put into words our inner believes.

  • Our smiles bring laughter, our laughter brings joy.
  • There’s magic that lies here. It brings us together and accepts us all.
  • We find our strengths and work on our weaknesses. We are never alone.
  • We offer acceptance. We allow all beings, large and small to live within our gates.
  • Through understanding and love we create a circle of friends and build bridges though leadership and teamwork.