Weekday Sessions: “Out of the Box”

weekday sessionsNova’s Ark is excited to be able to offer weekday programming aimed at our special friends of varied abilities who require a unique and personalized educational setting.  We are proud of our respectful, caring environment where acceptance and understanding are the keys to everyone’s positive experience.

While our therapy animals provide the springboard for many up close and personal interactions, the animals are just the beginning of a unique social skills experience. The sensory stimulation and language/communication development successfully occurs through the close bonds with our creative and passionate mentors who come to us from the fields of Social Service, Child and Youth/Personal Support, Occupational Therapy and Practical Nursing programs.  Utilizing proactive strategies, our mentors support accommodations and modifications to enhance life skills and functional academics through a wide range of daily activities.

Our Out of the Box program runs from September to June on specified weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.   Please see our WEEKDAY SESSIONS - REGISTRATION FORM (APRIL to JUNE 2017)  to see which of the offered sessions will work for your family.

NOVA’S ARK…..Where Special Is Welcome

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