Letter From Mary-Ann

I am so excited to see the dream of Nova’s Ark become a reality. When we became a registered charity (85916 1176 RR0001) in May 2005, there were only 5 youth volunteers, 1 week of summer camp with 4 children with special needs, and a total of 50 animals on our 10 acre property.

Since then, we have experienced so many exciting changes and have grown beyond my expectations. On Sundays, there are between 30 and 50 youth volunteers, some of which have earned over 4,000 hours of community involvement hours! The summer camp program has expanded to eight weeks with a maximum of 15 campers per week and 45 volunteers, with additional programs held throughout the year. The variety of animals has expanded and we now house over 200 on the farm!

I am so honoured to have so many caring friends and families who believe in the dream. There are numerous powerful stories and memories that have resulted due to the fabulous youth leaders. They not only touch the hearts of the individuals with special needs, but have developed into strong advocates for the disadvantaged youth of our community. As a result, these marvelous volunteers are becoming great leaders and an inspiration to many in our community.

I offer a huge thank you to the many volunteers and their families who believe so deeply in the mission of Nova’s Ark. Together, we are building acceptance through understanding.

Thank you for visiting the Nova’s Ark website, your continued interest and support is greatly appreciated.

Together we are making a difference.

                             T: 905.706.1009                         E: novasark@sympatico.ca