Join us this Saturday for the 2014 Friendship Walk!

2014 Friendship Walk Poster

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Last year our Friendship Walk was successful in raising over $17,500.00 thanks to the generosity of our local businesses and amazing community support.  This year, we’d like to invite you to help us make this our most successful event ever!  

The monies raised at this year’s walk will help us continue our mandate to enhance and expand our programming and facility.  This will allow individuals of all ages and abilities to equally access and enjoy the Nova’s Ark experience.

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Construction Collage
Please take a moment to enjoy some highlights from last year’s very successful Walk!


See what’s new at Nova’s Ark!

A very special thank you to our friends at Kenaidan Contracting Ltd. and their associated trade partners: 4 Star Drywall, Orient Drywall, Home Depot, Cirrus, Rafat and Advanced Septic Solutions Inc.  By providing all the materials, expertise and their personal time, these partners have taken our Multipurpose Room walls from bare wood to fully finished walls ready for the final touches.

Kenaidan - Thank You

Thank you also to our wonderful friend, Chris, who gave his time to professionally paint the walls.  Our multipurpose room is MAGNIFICENT and with the addition of our new Smartboard is now fully functional and ready to use for our varied guests and education programs.

Once again, we thank all of the amazing companies and individuals who came together to make such a huge difference for all who come to interact at Nova’s Ark!  

Congrats to our Newest Youth Leadership Team Members

congratsThank you to all of our experienced volunteers who successfully applied and completed interviews for the 2014 Youth Leadership Team.

These newest additions will be joining the current Leadership Team at the Nova’s Ark Introduction to Unique Leadership – Part 2  scheduled for the first weekend in May.

We look forward to many exciting inclusionary activities and special events created by the Youth Leadership Team for 2014.